Start Your Own Interior Design Business

Are you thinking about starting your own interior design business?

If you love mixing and matching patterns, coordinating colors, thinking of the functionality of a space and working with people, you may want to consider an interior design business.

So it is in your mind and you’re going for it – Run your own interior design business that is. But it is a new venture for you – you have in no way done it earlier and you need assistance, stepping stones to attain your goal.

Starting your own business can be the most rewarding endeavor of a lifetime, but the road to creating a successful and thriving business is filled with potential pitfalls. Launching your own interior design business will require you to have both the knowledge of interior design practice necessary to get and keep clients, and an understanding of business practices to keep your empire afloat.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the area of interior design. The course is ideal for the keen amateur designer and also a strong foundation for a career in this area. It explores the whole design process from initial consultation with the client to producing working plans and a final sample board. It contains detailed practical advice on putting together and presenting a workable scheme. The course also contains lots of professional tips on client liaison, project management and budgeting, with practical guidance on presentation techniques, as well as practical advice on plans, elevations, perspective drawings and sample boards.

Other subjects covered include: room-by-room analysis, selecting colours and soft furnishings, and key styling ideas – from Scandinavian to American Colonial and Modern.

During this course, below are few of the topics that is on the programme;

  • Interior Design: Create mood boards, colour schemes, space planning, lighting planning, furniture layout, fabrics & textiles, wallpaper and paint etc.
  • 2D & 3D Drawings
  • PR & Marketing, Social Media, Website, Domain and blogging
  • Networking
  • Create trade accounts with suppliers
  • Attend trend events

…and much more! Download the course prospect here…

Cost: £600

Duration: 3 months