Award winning Interior Designer, Interior & Property Stylist from Norway, now based in London - specializing in Inspirational, Colourful High-End Residential & Hospitality Interiors.

She has worked for design consultancies in Norway, UK & India with many diverse commissions ranging from the simplest of designs on a limited budget to grand establishments with an open purse.

Graduate from MI & Norsk Interiør Skole from Norway with over 13 years of experience within the industry,

"Interiors are my passion. I love colorful interiors blended with different cultures. I find these very inspiring. Being born and brought up in Norway, but with Indian origin - my Signture Style is Fusion Design - Mix of East & West. I believe in my saying; 'Colour adds Life to lIving' which is so true! What would we do without colours? I'm the kind of person who would have liked to have lived at the Plaza. I love crystal chandeliers and gold leaf, velvets and mirrors, Oriental rugs and marble. I love things that are old and glittery, that come with layers of glamour and past lives."