How to Style a Luxurious Living Room

No matter the size, shape or style of your living room there is always a chance to make it more luxurious. There is always the chance to sprinkle style all around it. There’s always a chance to splash it in splendour. You can always spritz sumptuousness about the place. And the best thing of all? […]

Forget Trends, Aim For Functional Hygge

Interior décor responds to one word: trends. Whatever the trends are, they seem to dictate what your interior should look like. While there is naturally a part of truth in this, it doesn’t mean that you need to copy your décor ambience from your favourite interior designers. Your décor gives your home its personality, and […]

​Restore your Kitchens Character

It’s often hard to enjoy your home when you feel it has become dull and tired, and with a lack of character you may feel that you’re left feeling flat and unmotivated. It’s easy for rooms in the home to become tired and lose their character, however it’s also easy to bring the character back […]

Kitchen design: The perfect finishes

I feel a kitchen is very personal closet of an individual. When one steps into a new house the kitchen is something one is really worried about. So what comes to your mind when you start to think about a new kitchen design! It can be tricky to see the wood for the trees. The […]

Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

Choosing the right dining table can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. When choosing dining room furniture, the options can often seem simply endless, and sometimes, walking into a store uninformed about the type of dining table that’s best for your home can leave your choice at […]

Renovation handbook for your windows

Windows sometimes need a lot of work to keep them looking and functioning at their best. You may be tempted to completely replace your old windows with modern ones, but this can be very expensive. Additionally, older windows were often built to last, and unless you spend a lot of money that isn’t always the […]

6 kitchen counter organisation ideas

One of the biggest problems in the kitchen has to be messy counters. You want as much counter space as possible to be able to prepare your meals. However, finding practical organisation solutions can be difficult. Not only can your utensils and spices get in the way of preparing your food, it can also create […]

First Steps: Establishing Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used primarily for keeping soil and sand etc. at bay for when you’re landscaping your garden or undertaking massive building work and you need to keep the soil at away whilst you complete your project. Retaining walls are important to get right as if they aren’t done properly, the result could be […]

Ways to Prevent Mould and Mildew Indoors

Our homes are our castles. They’re also much more than that, for they keep us safe, sheltered, healthy and happy. Whenever something happens within a home, the repercussions can be felt throughout the family and environment. All too many times, people fail to properly take care of their homes and treat the maintenance of it […]

Flooring: What to Have Where?

Have you ever read a more boring title? Probably not, but regardless, people seem to really struggle when they need to decide what flooring they need in what rooms of their house and whilst the truth is that you can have whatever you want, some types just work better when it comes to comfort or […]