Forget Trends, Aim For Functional Hygge

Interior décor responds to one word: trends. Whatever the trends are, they seem to dictate what your interior should look like. While there is naturally a part of truth in this, it doesn’t mean that you need to copy your décor ambience from your favourite interior designers. Your décor gives your home its personality, and […]

Lighting Ideas for a Traditional Living Room

In days gone by, once daylight faded, lighting came from candles or, later on, gas lights. In some respects, low lighting is not a bad thing (especially if you want to create a romantic atmosphere and you are challenged in the looks department), but in a living room, good lighting installed by professional electricians like […]

5 Interior Design Tricks to Help Transform Your Home

You don’t need to go through a major home makeover to transform your abode. Instead, a few simple interior design tricks can have a profound impact on how your home looks and feels. Check out five of these interior design tricks below so you can transform your home and make it everything you dreamed it […]

Simple Steps To Renovate Your Bedroom In Style

The bedroom is, arguably, the most important room in the house. After all, it’s the place of relaxation and rest – and that is increasingly important. In our hectic modern lives, finding the time (and space) to relax properly can be a real challenge. That’s why it’s a true joy when your bedroom is exactly […]

Discover the Designer in YOU

Do you collect Interior Design Magazines and wonder how you can make your home that beautiful? Are you passionate about colours, but lack the knowledge or confidence to use it? Do you wish you could be clever about how you use the space you live in? This must-have book is packed with inspiration, helping you […]